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Our Services

In our Proposal Meeting we can discuss all of the services we can offer and we'll also let you know what services we think you need right now, and into the future, to help guide you.

Those services fall into 3 categories, all with very different goals.



So you can focus on your business, let us take care of the books. Using a combination of technology and people we can gather and process your financial information. We can work with you and your suppliers to ensure you have a streamlined finance function which gives you the foundations for a successful business.

Accounts & Tax

Keeping you compliant is the bedrock of accounting services. From annual accounts to tax returns, and from payroll to company secretarial, we will ensure your business is ticking the boxes with Companies House and HMRC.



You have a business, but you want to take it to the next level. What do you need? You need the right data at the right time, giving you the tools to make business critical decisions. Advisory encompasses management accounts, budgeting, cash-flow forecasting and other tools to provide you with the ammunition to make your business great.

Your Journey

If you'd like to work with Indigo Green, what would your journey look like?


We start by understanding you and your business. What support do you need to help you to run the best business possible?


The proposal meeting concludes with us presenting a proposal of services. These can be accepted electronically.


Once you've accepted the proposal, we'll liaise with your existing accountant to get everything transferred across to us.


We're now ready to work together and we can start implementing everything we talked about to help you run the best business possible.

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